9 October 2013
Video Lagu Karaoke
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Video Lagu Karaoke – “I Won’t Grow Up” – Peter Pan

Will they grow up? No! Featuring Bridget Shack as Peter! This was a children’s theater piece sponsored by Azusa Pacific University & Azusa Renaissance.
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Video Karaoke “I Won’t Grow Up” – Peter Pan
Lirik “I Won’t Grow Up” – Peter Pan

25 responses on “Video Lagu Karaoke – “I Won’t Grow Up” – Peter Pan

  1. B0bP0tat0 says:

    Gerard, you send to the strangest places on YouTube…

  2. SunshineStudios98 says:

    Musicals anyway. I just finished a non-musical production of Peter Pan and our Peter was played by a good (male) friend of mine.

  3. SunshineStudios98 says:

    Jane is Wendy’s daughter from “Return to Neverland”, a 2002 Disney-made sequel to their original “Peter Pan” movie made in 1953 (Note that this is not the first work to bear the name “Peter Pan”, it’s just the first Disney work to bear it.) Wendy was the girl in the original play, novel, and just about every work after that with an exception being “Return to Neverland”.

  4. SunshineStudios98 says:

    I always thought it was because of the difficulty of the singing part, and by extension the need for a female’s vocal range to hit the notes Peter has to sing.

  5. SunshineStudios98 says:

    You do realize that in musicals Peter is traditionally played by a female, right?

  6. Bruce Crane says:

    That would be an interesting hit of puberty if she turned into a man

  7. coolmamac says:

    I guess because they originally cast a lady to play Peter Pan in the musical version. She was Mary Martin, a very petite person, so she could play a young man. So, in that tradition, they always kept casting a small lady to play the part. Maybe it is time to cast a young man as PP.

  8. morninggloryone says:

    Just Love having a Child’s Heart.
    And. DreamZzz.
    "In peace I will both lie down and sleep,
    for You, Lord,
    alone make me dwell in safety and confident trust"
    (Psalm 4:8, AMP)

  9. Fin Tutuola says:

    Lol, Ikr. I can just picture him flaunting around and sassing up the place, while wearing friggen tights

  10. gpiggiets says:

    Oh and the little girl is jane I think not Wendy

  11. gpiggiets says:

    Im doing a play for the summer. Auditions are this week and I’m singing this song. A lot of people try out so I will probably get a mermaid or an India or a small role. This video really helped me learn the song and taught me the rhythm and how to sing it. Ty.

  12. kaylie1212 says:

    Because girls have a higher singing range than boys and are usually more graceful. Peter Pan is almost always played by a girl in plays.

  13. Thelynsh says:

    i need to see gerard singing this

  14. Brezzer247 says:

    WTF why is a girl playing Peter…….. Not right but she is really good

  15. PurpleFreak76 says:

    OMG I thought I was the only one who came here because of that. xD

  16. HanaShade says:

    I have probs guys. . . . i always and I mean ALWAYS want to play small boy roles in plays like Puck from midd summer and peter. . .

  17. angel gonzalez says:


  18. Lauren Pittman says:

    i was at the play

  19. Allie Rich says:

    Haha I’m Wendy in my schools production of Peter pan 🙂

  20. supersmileyhannah says:

    My dream has always been to play Wendy 🙂

  21. motleycruefan10 says:

    i love this song and I DONT WANNA GROW UP,SO THERE!!!

  22. Link2Wolf says:

    :O This must have been what it was like for Gerard Way when he was Peter! xD

  23. xLadyOfSorrowss says:

    I’m trying to imagine Gerard Way in this outfit, singing this song. OMG hahaha

  24. 101YaoiFan says:

    This was good but I really want to see Gerard Way do this … 🙂

  25. olivepatteo says:

    Ha some lost girls!