23 March 2014
Video Lagu Karaoke
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Video Lagu Karaoke – Kristal-Cinta 3 Segi (Karaoke) Tanpa Vokal

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Karaoke Kristal-Cinta 3 Segi (Karaoke) Tanpa Vokal
Lirik Kristal-Cinta 3 Segi (Karaoke) Tanpa Vokal

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Karaoke “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from The Wizard of Oz karaoke/instrumental
Lirik “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from The Wizard of Oz karaoke/instrumental

36 responses on “Video Lagu Karaoke – Kristal-Cinta 3 Segi (Karaoke) Tanpa Vokal

  1. bryan zeg says:

    wew nice song ilike cam orang nya jga hndsam boy heheheheh?

  2. Syarif Azmin says:

    bassist lama pergi buang air jap masa tu

  3. pakhang67 says:

    music intro die bez

  4. alifumar says:

    mana p bassist lama…

  5. TheAngah72 says:

    lagu tampa vocal..seragam hitam…

  6. 2020akih says:

    salam bro cam ne ko remove vokal??,ko gune software ape??
    leh gtau x name software tu…

  7. penyuklasik007 says:

    u rock..

  8. penyuklasik007 says:

    u rock..

  9. penyuklasik007 says:

    u rock..

  10. thepiratez91 says:

    thanks bro 4 upload.

  11. hotboy8484 says:


  12. fayesmith366 says:

    I love this my leavers assemblys coming up next week and im dorathy so helped

  13. Nicole Egan says:

    My school’s musical this coming school year is going to be of “The Wizard of Oz”. I soooooooo hope that I receive the role of Dorothy! I might even post a video of me singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” this summer! 😉

  14. Julia Labuski says:

    I was just cast as Dorothy! This is great to practice with. Thank you so much <3

  15. RainBringsRainbows1 says:

    Did you get it?xx 🙂

  16. Sofiiaa V. says:

    Thank ypu very much, i love to sing and i love this song, i always wanted to sing this song in karaoke

  17. juliet richards says:

    I like this coz it more lower pitched

  18. kpstar7 says:

    I love this song 🙂

  19. christian dorie says:

    i love this song if only the real world were like this song it would be such a better place 🙂

  20. Krystal Harwood says:

    can u post the karaoke version of this from peter pan and the animals karaoke cd

  21. Helen Selwyn says:

    I sang along

  22. TheHarryronhermione says:


  23. TheHarryronhermione says:

    I and sing this without crying. It brings back so much nostalgia from 12 years ago.

  24. carldudesons says:

    I love he uses some major pentatonish scale somewhere in the middle and last part of tge song , awesome idea 🙂

  25. AngelsBdwyKaraokes says:

    To be honest, I don’t remember which one this is. I know I got it from Amazon, so I’m sure it’s on itunes. According to the info above, it’s by Ameritz Karaoke Standards, so check there.

  26. Madi Chagaris says:

    I love this!! Is it on iTunes? If so, what is it under? I need this song badly!! Plz reply!

  27. charito7925 says:

    horrible no me sirvio

  28. Emma Janofsky says:

    Thanks looking for this. Singing this in my talent show.

  29. Rylie Austin says:

    Hehe… I came here cause I’m finally thinking about being Dorothy for Halloween next year…. 😛

  30. Robyn Hunter says:

    Can you please tell me where I can buy this backing? 🙂

  31. lovelish123 says:

    Same thing music5236200110

  32. selenarocksmysocks23 says:

    Auditions for the wizard of oz is quite very soon wanna be Dorothy soooooo bad!

  33. Drake Burnett says:

    Thanks for posting this. This makes think of July Garland (1922-1969) who played Dorothy in the Wizard Of Oz movie.

  34. Rose Silkey says:

    I love this!

  35. music5236200110 says:

    Thank you for posting this, I’m trying out for the school musical (it’s Wizard of Oz) and I’m trying for Dorothy. Thank you so much, this was wonderful!

  36. MHawesome Ozzy says:

    hehehheehheheh i have to sing this 4 acting that it really OH nad modeling soo yeah 0:69